Thailand local health insurance versus offshore health insurance

February 25, 2016

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We’ve seen a lot of advertising in Thailand recently through social media and other sources by companies advertising global insurance cover at substantially higher prices.  These companies justify higher premiums by saying they have plans with higher overall limits, that their products are somehow better suited to expats or that they have the largest or the fastest growing insurance business in Asia. It is amazing how many people I come across accept these claims and pay higher premiums without questioning the validity of these statements.

The truth is that for 95% of expats living in Thailand, health coverage through a local Thai Insurance provider such as Bupa is a much better option than a policy through an offshore company.  Policies through local insurance companies are better tailored to expats living here, offer global products with higher levels or coverage and in most cases work out substantially cheaper.   The conduct of Thai Insurance companies and the products they offer also come under the scrutiny of the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC).  This means that should a grievance arise due to a rejection or a claim against an insurance company then there is an advocate available on hand to deal with it.  This may not be the situation in the case of a claim against an offshore insurance company which is based in another country and is not bound to operate under the governance of the OIC.

For the very small minority of expats who move countries regularly, an offshore plan might be a feasible solution.  It does save some time in having to identify an insurance provider in each new country of residence and complete a new application each time.  However, for the vast majority of foreigners in Thailand, taking insurance through a local insurance company saves you money, and means you can easily deal directly by phone or in person with your agent or your insurance company when and if you need to.   This is much more preferable than being restricted to email, letter or 3rd party help lines to settle grievances through an offshore company selling insurance products from an address in another country

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