Get Insurance for the Corona Virus (COVID-19) quickly and easily through Thai Expat Club

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Two of the most frequent questions received over the past few weeks include;

  • Does my existing policy cover me for Corona Virus (COVID-19)?
  • Where can I buy additional coverage for the Corona Virus (COVID-19) in Thailand?

Firstly all of the personal medical insurance (PMI) policies we offer are through reputable, well-established Insurance companies such as AETNA, APRIL, CIGNA, LMG, LUMA. PMI Insurance offered through all of these companies includes coverage for the Corona Virus as well as other viral infections. On the other hand, most standard Travel Insurance companies do not extend cover to viral outbreaks or pandemics. For example World Nomads announced the Corona Virus as an exclusion to their policy when the virus reached epidemic (now pandemic) proportions on the 23rd January 2020.

Although many insurance providers have their front offices closed most continue to offer excellent online phone and email services for sales and claims processing. APRIL for example offers a certificate to show their policies are valued at 100,000 USD and include cover for the Corona Virus. This certificate is now required by the Thai government for persons traveling into Thailand. AETNA also provides an online Doctors Service and advice for policyholders seeking support over this period. In addition to offering excellent coverage some of our insurers such as LUMA and Cigna are also posting tips and advice on avoiding the virus and what to do in case you may be showing symptoms.

So where can I buy additional coverage for the Corona Virus? Initially several Thai Banks such as SCB and Life Insurance companies in Thailand were offering minimal rebate based coverage. However they have quickly ceased doing this. The only company I am aware of at the time of writing is For 450 THB or 850 THB expats in Thailand on a Work Permit can buy 50,000 THB or 100,000 THB worth of coverage. There is a 14 day waiting period and the claim is paid post-treatment. Also while this insurance is not open to retirees or persons staying here on a long term visa it is still useful in providing some relief to expats who work in Thailand and hold a work permit. (Please see link below if you wish to purchase this insurance).

Special-offer-for-COVID-19 Campaign Frank


  • The insured person MUST RESIDE IN THAILAND during the time of policy issuance (In case of a foreigner, He/She must reside in Thailand longer than 6 months and Passport and WORK PERMIT documents will be required )
  • If your policy number has already been issued, NO REFUNDS are allowed.
  • 14 days waiting period
  • Enter: CRPARTNER5¬†at the payment page to receive your 5% discount

Thai Expat Club recommends purchasing full personal medical insurance to provide the greatest level of security and financial protection. For non-Thai citizens who need to go to a private hospital you will be asked to produce your insurance card or evidence that you have the means to pay. In some cases the hospital may even withhold your passport making it more important than ever before to have quality medical insurance as an Expat in Thailand.

Thai Expat Club offers insurance from reputable companies that offer superior levels of customer service and claims support. In most cases your insurance application can be approved in less than 7 days and coverage can begin as soon as payment is received.

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