How much does it cost to stay in a private hospital in Thailand?

March 7, 2016


One of the most important things to know when seeking health insurance is how much it costs for a private room in a Thai private Hospital should you find yourself in need of overnight treatment or long term hospitalisation.   The information is important because it relates directly to the level of coverage a customer needs to purchase.  No-one wants to land up in hospital and find they have insufficient means to cover daily room, board and nursing fees.  Having some knowledge of this will help guide you in your decision as to what level of coverage you should have versus the premium you can afford or feel comfortable with.

The following with give you some idea of what you might expect to pay for a private room in various hospitals throughout Thailand (prices given are for daily room, board, nursing charge and Thai food).   Should you choose treatment in one of the better known international hospitals like Bumrungrad (11,200 thb), Bangkok Nursing Home (8,650 thb), Samitivej Sukhumvit (7,040 thb) or Bangkok General Hospital (7,590 thb) then you will pay significantly more than if you are admitted to one of the smaller hospitals like the Payathai group (5,685 thb), St Louis (4,500 thb), Vibhavadi (4,100 thb) or Bangkok Christian hospital (3,950 thb).  You will also find the room and board charges at hospitals outside Bangkok such as Bangkok Hospital Pattaya (4,200), Pattaya International Hospital (5,000 thb), Bangkok Hospital Phuket (4,000 thb), Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai (3,870 – promotion) and Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin (6,240) significantly less than the cost of staying in at their partner hospitals in the capital.  All these hospitals have English speaking staff and are considered to offer high quality hospital care.

It really does pay to ask your agent or do you own research before making a decision. Having insurance obviously makes things easier and you will generally find hospitals quite accommodating.  However, having some knowledge of the minimum cost of care will help you in your decision making and ensure you are not in for a nasty surprise in the unfortunate event you are hospitalised or find yourself admitted overnight.

*Note:  Hospital charges accurate as of March 2016 and are subject to change as well as hospital discounts or promotions

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