Health insurance for retirees in Thailand

So you’ve made the decision to retire in Thailand and want to know your options regarding medical insurance.  You’ll be pleased to know that Thailand offers extremely high standards of medical care and is equipped to deliver even the most complex procedures.  However, in order to access these quality health care services you’ll need private health insurance.

The good news is the costs are about half the amount you might pay for equivalent medical insurance in America, Australia or the UK.  There are also a range of options for health insurance plans starting with accident insurance for a mere $100 a year up to medical insurance with a full range of benefits at around $6,000 per year. Most of these health insurance policies are also international, meaning that your cover extends to overseas travel or travel back to your home country one to two months a year when you feel the need to return to catch up with family or friends.

Whilst health insurance for retirees is relatively affordable in Thailand it’s important to understand the restrictions insurance companies place on the starting age.  For example, people enrolling with Bupa before 60 or younger are guaranteed renewal for life and those enrolling between the ages 61 and 64 will be renewed to age 70.  If you are 65 yrs and miss the cut-off age for Bupa we offer options with our other insurance providers (MSH and NZI).   You can choose to include a deductible (meaning you pay any medical bills up to an agreed amount) which helps to offset the cost of the premium.  There are also discounts each year should you remain claim free in the previous 12 months which also helps offset your annual premium considerably.  However, it’s best to start your insurance before 70 years of age to keep premiums down.  It’s even better if you can start before 60 years of age to ensure any treatment or conditions you encounter in your 60’s (while you are insured) continue to be covered by insurance as you enter your 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

While none of our providers require a medical examination in order to take insurance they may sometimes require a medical history in cases of people applying over 65 yrs of age.  Conditions such as Diabetes and Hypertension that can be controlled, but not cured are considered “pre-existing conditions” and will not be covered, just as they would not be covered by a private insurance provider in your home country.  However, cases of acute medical treatment which occurred more than 5 years ago will generally be okay.

Thai Expat Club offers access to affordable health and medical insurance for foreigners living, visiting, working or retiring in Thailand.  We deal almost exclusively with AXA, BUPA, LMG, MSH and NZI for a higher range of benefits at affordable prices.  We help clients avoid the confusion which comes from not being able to speak the language or communicate satisfactory with staff in Thai Insurance Companies.   Our service is FREE and we often save people money by offering a plan which is more closely matched to their lifestyle and budget.

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